What’s The Real Story About Down Low Club

Undeniably, US President Barrack Obama is indeed one of the most popular and most controversial presidents of the United States. On top of its being the first African American to win the highest government position in the country, many intrigues have revolved around the first black president and one of which is its affiliation with … Read more

The Alleged Membership Of Obama To The Down Low Club

Over the past years, several controversies and issues have circulated involving some of the world?s greatest and most powerful leaders. To those who are familiar with the issues that are being linked with US President Barrack Obama, the down low club is probably one of the most disturbing of them all. Controversies As Part Of … Read more

Does Michelle Obama Hates White People?

Part of being the president of the United States or in any other parts of the country, are the controversies that go along with it. In the case of US president Barack Obama, her wife was even dragged to different issues including those saying that Michelle Obama hates white people. But skeptics would ask, does … Read more